Physical therapy assists in early detection of health problems and identifying concerns with movement, posture, strength, developmental delays, body position, and functional independence in children at any developmental level or degree of impairment. Physical therapists help children improve in these areas with special exercises, perceptual training, balance and coordination training, handling techniques, orthotic fitting and training, home programming, and constant encouragement. Physical Therapists also assist families in neonatal and infant development, education, home modification and serve as an advocate for the child. Physical Therapy treatment and functional goals are established with the family so that functional mobility and independence is maximized while enhancing the child's self esteem.
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Specialized Treatment Methods

Adaptive Play
Adaptive Zip Line
Aquatic Therapy
Lite Gait: Gait and Mobility Technology
Neurodevelopmental Techniques
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Orthotic Management
Rock Climbing Call
Spasticity Management
Serial Casting
Strength Training
Vestibular Stimulation
Adaptive Equipment Assesment and Monitoring